Sun 14
Darlaston rockets
U16 Juniors
B Joyce (0'), (0'), E Detheridge (0')
U16 Juniors v Darlaston rockets

U16 Juniors v Darlaston rockets

By Martin Saxton
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Match report

Another good start today and when Ben put in a great corner that somehow no one got on the end of, it got cleared out back to Ben who lofted it back towards the far post, only for it to drop into the goal right in the side netting.  1 nil up and playing well. A few minutes later Ben shot low into the bottom corner to make it 2 and when Kielan went on a good run down the right and crossed, it was knocked in either by their keeper or a defender and made it 3-0.
We were again comfortable just like last week but even I didn't see much of threat from Darlaston today. How wrong was I. They scored just after half time and then after Ethan headed in a corner from Ben, Darlaston scored again. They then got another with about 10 minutes to go which was disallowed but they then got their 3rd with about 4 minutes left to set up a very nervy ending. A very poor 2nd half again from us just like last week which we really need to sort out. Credit to Darlaston though they were much better than they were in the 1st half but we shouldn't of allowed it to be like that. Think we need to realise that their are 2 halves in football and that we need to perform for both, not just 1.
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Sun 14, Oct 2018



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Ben Joyce

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Ben Joyce